Shifting the World's
At-Risk children
from Danger to Destiny

Our Mission

Responding to the needs of exploited, orphaned and street children in third world nations, Millstone was created to provide a healing and nurturing environment to children and families. The agencies principle purpose is to provide preventive, rehabilitative and specialized services through which local communities can meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of children and families.

Our Programs

The ancient African proverb state that “it take a village to raise a child.” Millstone's primary goal is to crate such a village.

Millstone Chapel

a place to enhance spiritual development of each child. The chaplain works in conjunction with the treatment team to counsel, encourage and bring balance to goal development while remaining respectful of the Ghanaian culture.

Health Clinic

a state of the art clinic that focuses on child victim trauma, STD/HIV testing and other medical issues specific to our clients. This will also be a safe environment staffed with caring and compassionate medical professionals committed to providing excellent care to.....


provide each participant with a competitive education equivalent to standards set by Africa and surrounding countries. Millstone staff will also go into local schools, churches and other social institutions to teach prevention programs on Child Exploitations.

Message from the founder

Someone once said that mankind wants justice for himself but he denies it to others. This is true for some but for others justice is a way of life. Millstone is a non- profit organization that has been established to allow justice to be administered to children globally. My vision for Millstone came in response to the overwhelming need for children to be protected globally.

There are many children facing extreme situations globally. These children have been subjected to a lifestyle of suffering and abuse. In so many countries worldwide the younger generation is suffering without a means of escape. My heart is bent on seeing abused, exploited, underprivileged children regain their hope for a better life by having a second chance at tomorrow.

This is my heart and this is what Millstone is about. Shifting the world’s at risk children from danger to destiny. This is justice.


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.